About This Blog

I have been struggling with my weight since about 2008. I have done many weight loss programs and some were successful to a degree, but something was missing since I kept putting the weight back on and I couldn’t stick with any one program long enough. I’ve been struggling with my health since about that time too. I’m asthmatic but when I was younger it was never a big issue. Since about 2008, my asthma related incidents have greatly increased and I started suffering from high blood pressure.

In April 2015, I was hospitalized with pneumonia and put into a medically induced coma. Septic shock set in and was causing my organs to shut down and I had dangerously high blood pressure. My prognosis was not good. Thank god, I was able to beat the infection.

After being discharged from the hospital, I realized that I needed to put my health as a priority. My weight was an issue. I made a vow to start eating healthier. For the most part, I was able to do that. I made my own lunch, I cut down on alcohol consumption, and I cut down on carbs. I wasn’t able to start an exercise routine because I was transitioning with high blood pressure and asthma medicines.

I wasn’t really eating that much extra food, but was still gaining weight. I am actually up to 250 pounds. I hate that number.
About 4 months ago, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. The doctor also informed me that I needed to lose weight. At my last appointment with my asthma doctor, after doing a series of allergy testing, I found out I had extensive food allergies. I’ve been trying hard to remove them from my diet, but it’s hard. I am currently allergic to corn, rice, wheat, and soy. This practically impossible to eat anything decent but I’m learning to cope.

This month I made myself a vow that I need to be more proactive about my weight and overall health. It is time for me to take better care of me and that is what I am going to use this blog to do. This will be my journey to being a healthier, slimmer and happier me.
I will be posting my daily and or weekly progress; inspirational topics; fashion, books and music that motivate me as well.

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