Positive Thinking for Weight Loss

Positive thinking truly plays significant role in achieving your weight loss efforts. Perpetual negative thoughts lead to self-defeating behaviors such as going off your diet, overeating and skipping your exercise routine. Positive thoughts increase your motivation and energy levels.


You honestly have to surround yourself with people and things that are positive to your goals. If you have so-called friends and family that cannot respect your desire to be healthy and lose weight, then that will undoubtedly ruin all your effort. While it may be hard to keep certain family members at bay, in order to achieve your health goals, it may be best to put all negatives on the back burner.

Holding negative thoughts robs you of much needed energy. When you feel powerless, depressed or unmotivated, it becomes easy to skip your daily workout or eat bad foods to convince yourself you feel better. You have to tune into your feelings in order to turn those thoughts into a more positive energy that will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.


We all run into a negative stream every once in a while. The trick is to try to deal with it when it comes by:
• Visualize the new you. Find a visual that shows you why you want so badly to be healthy in the first place. A picture of a new dress you want to wear or a bikini you want to get into.
• Find words of encouragement or inspirational words.
• Read positive books and watch positive movies. Sometimes watching emotionally draining shows and reading emotionally draining books can depress you even further. Go for something happy with positive energy.
• Find some positive music. Music that makes you feel good should be the focal point of your life.
• Have an active social life. Interacting with people is important for your sense of connection, which directly affects your mood and energy levels. It’s not about hitting up the club every night but get involved with some social events that will allow you to positively interact with other people.
• Make time for yourself. Everyone needs some downtime to do things that they enjoy.
• Eight lighter meals – Heavy meals make you bloated and sluggish. Eating a lighter meal keeps your energy levels light and your waistline feeling slim and sexy.
• Stay active after meals – avoid plopping down in front of the television after eating. Break the habit and do something physical after eating your meals and snacks. It doesn’t have to be a workout but a light activity like cleaning or organizing or even taking a stroll around the block.
• Make nightly sleep a priority- a full night’s sleep is very important to your energy level, mood, health and weight.
• Getting adequate sunlight- sunlight promotes the production of vitamin D and vitamin D promotes weight loss. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to all kinds of health problems, including heart disease, depression and diabetes.


Even though these tips can be easy to incorporate into your daily life, you don’t have to take on all of them at once. Some of these will speak to you and others can be adopted in stages. Try to incorporate one new tip a week or two. Most of these are quick and easy and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

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